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The emergence of cryptocurrency trading, like foreign exchange trading, was immediately dominated by manual expert traders upon arrival, making it impossible for newbies and very busy individuals to profit from the opportunities within the cryptocurrency market. Only experts could benefit from the invention of currency trading, and a similar fate ran its course for cryptocurrency trading.

The expert monopoly of the cryptocurrency market lasted no sooner than it began because of the development of automated trading technologies built on the foundations of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, resulting in the decentralization of access to cryptocurrency trading opportunities and promoting participation for those constrained by the lack of skills, time and more.

With a unique blend of the right tools and software, the trading world is now accessible to newbies and experts. Quantum AI is one of the phenomenal technologies for opening up crypto trading and participation to all, a web-based automated crypto trading platform designed to manage trading accounts and provide tools for profitable trading.

Understanding Quantum AI

Quantum AI is an automated trading platform with mobile and computer systems web compatibility. It allows aspiring and seasoned traders to access its intelligent tools and trading capabilities through partnerships with various brokers. The pivotal drive of Quantum AI is to simplify trading by providing the necessary tools for seamless technical and fundamental analysis and instant trade execution through an automated trading software design. Built with the users at heart, Quantum AI deploys a user-friendly and easily navigable platform which combines the best tools that support learning while trading for beginners and seamless trade management for experts.

Quantum AI was created by a team of skilled developers focused on improving the patronage of automated trading through deploying unfriendly and comprehensible platforms. Quantum AI is a dependable automated trading software that allows users to profit from the crypto market by leveraging the power of cryptocurrency trading bots.

Quantum AI connects traders with the best broker platforms, and users can access its services through the broker platforms. Besides the Quantum AI trading robot, the platform also provides educational and training services, account management and mentorship.

How Does Quantum AI Work?

Quantum AI provides an automated trading system which helps traders find the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and leverage the knowledge and expertise of experienced traders. First, it allows users to test and fine-tune their strategies using its automated trading software before making any real financial commitments. Once users are confident in their trading strategies, they can move to real-time trading and more. Quantum AI uses real-time data to ascertain prevailing market conditions and make the best trading choices.

Quantum AI employs the trading load strategy, which helps to squeeze more out of the market. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to sift through the market, searching for optimal entries and trend origins which meet preset confirmations and indicators. The Quantum AI trades Contract for Difference (CFDs). CFDs are derivatives that give traders the right to buy or sell a coin at a given price and at a particular time. CFD provides one of the building blocks of Quantum AI. Quantum AI allows users to modify or program its automated trading system to suit their risk appetite and strategy, giving users control of their trading accounts. Quantum AI also works with third-party regulated brokers who handle trade execution and management.

Copykat Trader

One of the unique aspects of Quantum AI is the Copykat trader, which can be accessed from the CMT platform and possibly other partner broker platforms upon registration on the Quantum AI registration interface. Copykat lets traders learn, master, and copy proven strategies that expert, successful traders use. It allows beginners to leverage the knowledge and skills of experts.

How Does Copykat Work?

  • Users identify expert traders and investigate their strategies and performance by examining their historical profits and loss snapshot. Once users make their choice based on expert performance and other personal metrics, they initiate the copy command.
  • After the copy command is initiated, the user’s account is saved to the expert’s accounts. Whatever the expert trades is also executed on the copier accounts. If the expert profits, the copier also profits and if the expert loses, the copier also loses.
  • The copier is available on mobile and computer web interfaces and can be easily monitored.

Meet Quantum AI Trading Platform

  • Type of platform: Quantum AI is a web-based platform with a custom-built interface for computer and mobile devices.
  • Maximum profit: Quantum AI promises a maximum profit of 85%
  • Registration: Quantum features a simple registration process and an instant verification exercise.
  • Verification: Requires Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Upon registration, users must complete their profiles, which rounds off with a verification requiring any government-issued means of identification and utility document.
  • Initial deposit: Minimum deposit on the Quantum AI platform is $250
  • Fund withdrawal: Quantum AI allows for a 24-hour withdrawal.
  • Automated trading: Quantum AI supports automated trading.
  • Order execution: Permits instant order execution.
  • User data encryption: Yes.

Is Quantum AI Legit or Scam?

Declaring the legitimacy of any crypto trading platform or product can be difficult. However, one of the best bets is an investigation of its partners. Suppose its partners are organizations of proven integrity. In that case, there is an excellent possibility that the crypto organization might be trustworthy.

Quantum AI works closely with CMT trading platform, a local international broker registered under GCMT trading company with over ten years of experience registered in the Seychelles, Cyprus and South Africa and operating in the international financial market since 2012.

While it is a common practice for fraudulent schemes, especially within the crypto space, to borrow credibility from recognized and respected companies to increase their userbase before unleashing their destructive tendencies, we submit with caution that Quantum AI might be different. This is, however, not a verdict attesting to the trustworthiness of the platform. While there had been rumours of endorsement from Elon Musk, investigations proved the rumours to be unverifiable.

Is Quantum AI Secure?

Quantum AI combines with its partner brokers to provide the best security for every trading account. Almost all its partner brokers ensure AML compatibility by requiring the identity verification of users for full access to the system’s possibilities.

Who can use Quantum AI?

Quantum AI provides the perfect platform for everyone. Quantum AI provides the perfect design to serve experts and new crypto traders with a user-friendly, mobile and computer-compatible website coupled with flexible systems. It provides an alternative for persons who wish to take advantage of crypto possibilities yet lack the requisite skills and time.

Do’s and Don’ts

When using the Quantum platform, some essential things to do and not do include the following:

Complete Registration with Correct Details 

Users should complete their registration process with verifiable information, as they would be required to verify their identity once redirected to any of Quantum AI broker’s trading platforms. Registering with correct details makes for easy identity verification and personal profile completion.

Take Advantage of the Onboarding Tour by Your Account Manager or Customer Support

Getting started on a new platform can be overwhelming, even for a user-friendly platform. It is therefore okay to seek help where confused or stuck.


Quantum AI and its partners provide a smooth onboarding process which helps the new users register and verify their accounts in preparation for their first automated trading experience.


Quantum AI requires an initial deposit of $250 to allow users to enjoy the full potential of the platform’s services and tools.

Personal Review

It is never a disadvantage to perform your due diligence rather than take someone else’s word completely. Take time to familiarize yourself with the platform, its features, tools and capabilities. This helps users identify any loopholes in the organizations, if any, and identify the tools and services that best suit their style so that commitment would be based on verified confidence.

Always Invest Wisely

Finally, starting small and growing big is vital. Crypto trading is not a get-rich-quick activity, and there is no holy grail to trading; if there is, it has not been found yet, and no automatic trading bot can make the boast.

Features of Quantum AI

Flexible Signup and Speedy Verification

Quantum AI offers a flexible registration interface that immediately redirects users to the CMT trading platform. On the CMT trading platform, users are immediately led through the verifications process by a call or chat agent, and the verification is authenticated in minutes.


Unlike other single currency bots, the Quantum AI system supports various cryptocurrencies. BTC, BCH, ETC, LTC, BTG, XRP, BNB, NEO, EOS, MIOTA, and DASH, among others. It allows users to choose which cryptocurrency they want to trade depending on simple preferences or level of volatility.

Impressive Automated Trading System

Quantum AI boasts one of the best automated trading systems on the crypto market. It combines artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that comb through the market in search of specific parameters that initiate trade execution. It also provides a copy trading design which allows beginners to learn from and use the knowledge and expertise of experienced traders to make profitable trades.

Demo Account Training

Quantum AI provides demo accounts for new users. This demo account makes it possible for users to familiarise themselves with the system before making their financial commitments. It lets users create, monitor and tweak their strategies until they have created the perfect blend of strategies and tools that builds the right confidence for actual trading.


Another unique feature of Quantum AI is its modifiability. It allows users to tweak its automated trading system to suit their personal preferences. This gives the users a sense of control over the system’s actions and puts them in control of what they use and how exposed and vulnerable their accounts get, among other important questions.

Customer Support

Upon registration on the Quantum AI, users are connected to brokers. A competent customer support design is in place to onboard the new and allow for seamless platform navigation. The customer support services help users complete their registrations and verification. It also baby-steps the new user into getting started and making the best use of the tools and opportunities with the platform.

Pros and Cons of Quantum AI

This Quantum AI review identified specific weaknesses and strengths of the platform. At this juncture, we will look at the discovered pros and cons of the Quantum AI trading platform.


  • Quantum ai provides top-notch customer support.
  • Quantum AI robots are modifiable.
  • Quantum AI claims a 90% success rate.
  • User-friendly interface and an easily navigable platform.
  • Quantum AI also supports several payment methods, and a speedy withdrawal period.
  • Quantum AI employs no hidden fees mechanism, thus, providing a low fee, and transparent crypto trading bot.
  • Quantum AI crypto trading strategy and design allow users to protect their trading capital through effective risk management designs.


  • One of the biggest cons of the Quantum AI platform is its lack of a mobile application.
  • Quantum AI makes several unverifiable claims that cast doubt spells on the platform.
  • High start-up deposit for Quantum AI account.

Getting Started on Quantum AI

Getting started on the Quantum AI platform starts with the registration process, which also reflects the simplicity and user-friendliness of Quantum AI.

  1. The registration process requires users to fill out a simple form requiring a name, e-mail address and contact number. The registration process immediately redirects users to a broker selected by the system. The user is immediately onboarded and directed on the steps to complete their profile and verification process.
  2. Users can take their Quantum AI experience further using the Demo account feature. This allows the user to understand the system, get familiar with it and, in the process, build an arsenal of trading skills and strategies that instils confidence before they start trading.
  3. Users can also pay $250 immediately after verification to enjoy the opportunities available by Quantum AI trading software in live trading sessions.


Quantum AI provides one of the best alternatives to manual trading. It opens up the possibilities of profitable investment in the crypto market with minimal knowledge and time commitment. With a team of credible partners with a track record of excellent historical performances, deploying the most efficient customer support and onboarding process, a user-friendly interface, a trade copier and more, Quantum AI seems to be anyone’s best bet for conservative to moderate passive crypto income. However, Quantum AI’s claim of a 90% success rate is unverified; similarly, verifying its claimed endorsement by specific high-profile celebrity figures seems elusive. Our investigations show that Quantum AI is safe; however, its 90% success rate claim might be an exaggeration.


How much profit can I make using the Quantum AI system?

There is no sure answer to the question of profit. However, investing $250 might make the user demand unrealistic profits, promoting unnecessary risk and placing users’ capital at risk. While online reviews document accounts of users who claim to make over a thousand dollars monthly, actual figures might not be that juicy, considering the market volatility and uncertainties. Quantum AI would make a decent profit subject to the market fluctuations and the system’s accuracy.

Does Quantum AI have any mobile applications?

Unfortunately, Quantum AI has no mobile applications yet. While this might be possible in the future, there is no confirmation on how soon.

Is Elon Musk in any way connected to the Quantum AI product?

There are claims and rumours connecting Elon Musk, the Tesla billionaire, to Quantum AI. Attempts to verify these claims during this review were not successful.

Do I need to be an expert in trading cryptocurrencies using Quantum AI?

One of the uniqueness of Quantum AI is its deliberate design to serve experts and newbies. You need no skills to use the Quantum AI system. First, the platform promotes the learning and skills development of new users. Its demo accounts allow users to use the learning materials on the platform and master the art of trading before venturing into live trading. Its trade copier only requires account activation and initiating the copier command, while its CFD trading scouts the highs and lows of the market to find the best entries using Quantum Artificial Intelligence.

Should I trust Quantum AI?

In response to this question, all indications point to a yes. Firstly, Quantum AI’s partnership with credible and respectable brokers suggests these credible brokers have investigated the platform and found it to be trustworthy. In addition, its dealings seem transparent, suggesting credibility and trustworthiness.

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