Table 1 The three classes of designed CXCL8 mutants including a gradation of the type of mutation

+, strong mutation; ~, light mutation.

CXCL8 mutantType/location of mutation
CXCL8(F21R)1.class of mutants~/ loop
CXCL8(F21K)+/ loop
CXCL8(F17K)+/ loop
CXCL8(F17RF21R)~~/ loop
CXCL8(F17KF21R)+~/ loop
CXCL8(F17RF21K)~+/ loop
CXCL8(F17KF21K)++/ loop
CXCL8(Δ6E70R)2.class of mutants~/ -ELR, α-helix
CXCL8(Δ6E70KN71K)++/ -ELR, α-helix
CXCL8(Δ6F17RF21RE70K)3.class of mutants~~+/ -ELR, loop, α-helix
CXCL8(Δ6F17RF21RN71K)~~+/ -ELR, loop, α-helix
CXCL8(Δ6F17RF21RE70KN71R)~~+~/ -ELR, loop, α-helix
CXCL8(Δ6F17RF21RE70RN71K)~~~+/ -ELR, loop, α-helix
CXCL8(Δ6F17KF21KE70KN71K)++++/ -ELR, loop, α-helix