Table 1 The summarized data of autonomous and non-autonomous action of DNase II in C. elegans through ToLFP staining

Embryos were scored at the 1.5-fold stage. The data shown are mean ± S.E.M. N-number: N2=13 and ced-1(e1735)=12.

Percentage of apoptotic DNA degradation by autonomous and non-autonomous manners
GenotypeNumber of ToLFPAutonomousNon-autonomous
Whole embryo
N219.85±0.770% (13.92/19.85)30% (5.93/19.85)
ced-113.92+0.6100% (13.92/13.92)0% (0/13.92)
N216.54+0.774% (12.17/16.54)26% (4.37/16.54)
ced-112.17+0.6100% (12.17/12.17)0% (0/12.17)
N23.3+0.355% (1.8/3.3)45% (1.5/3.3)
ced-11.8+0.2100% (3.3/3.3)0% (0/3.3)