Table 3 Statistical power analysis of eligible studies and meta-analyses of ESR1 -351 A/G XbaI polymorphism and severe and mild pre-eclampsia susceptibility
StudyComparisonSalimi S.El-Beshbishy H.A.Zhang J.Molvarec A.Overall
-351 A/G and severe pre-eclampsia
G vs. A28%5%16%10%46%
GG+GA vs. AA5%7%16%26%10%
GG vs. AA+GA83%10%16%7%72%
GG vs. AA56%5%15%6%63%
GG vs. GA89%9%9%12%57%
-351 A/G and mild pre-eclampsia
G vs. A6%22%5%25%6%
GG+GA vs. AA12%42%7%14%12%
GG vs. AA+GA6%22%10%26%6%
GG vs. AA5%10%5%45%5%
GG vs. GA7%26%9%39%7%