Table 2 Total and stratified analysis of CTLA-4 gene rs231775 polymorphism and RPL risk
TotalOR(95% CI) PhP genetic model
A-allele vs. G-allele0.85(0.66–1.09)0.000 0.193 random model
AA vs. GG0.56(0.38–0.81)0.014 0.002 random model
AG vs. GG0.61(0.46–0.80)0.034 0.000 random model
AA+AG vs. GG0.61(0.45–0.82)0.008 0.001 random model
AA VS. AG+GG0.90(0.61–1.33)0.000 0.597 random model
Ethnicity subgroup
ChinaOR(95% CI) Ph P genetic model
A-allele vs. G-allele0.69(0.62–0.77)0.000 0.000 fixed model
AA vs. GG0.49(0.39–0.63)0.294 0.002 fixed model
AG vs. GG0.68(0.59–0.80)0.126 0.000 fixed model
AA+AG vs. GG0.64(0.55–0.74)0.128 0.000 fixed model
AA VS. AG+GG0.59(0.47–0.75)0.406 0.000 fixed model
Ethnicity subgroup
Non-ChinaOR(95% CI) Ph P genetic model
A-allele vs. G-allele1.06(0.61–1.84)0.000 0.834 random model
AA vs. GG0.68(0.28–1.68)0.003 0.405 random model
AG vs. GG0.46(0.34–0.63)0.237 0.000 fixed model
AA+AG vs. GG0.60(0.29–1.23)0.015 0.166 random model
AA VS. AG+GG1.20(0.64–2.26)0.000 0.573 random model
  • Ph: value of Q-test for heterogeneity test; P: Z-test for the statistical significance of the OR