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Immediate Publications

Accepted Manuscripts are published online in PDF format as soon as they are accepted. At the same time the paper is assigned a citable DOI. When citing an Immediate Publication both the journal title and the DOI must be given.

Immediate Publications have not been edited by our editorial staff. They are integrated into the online Journal to allow searching on authors, title, keywords and abstracts), ensuring global access to the latest research; however, they do not contain reference linking, multimedia adjuncts, online data or three-dimensional structures, and elements of the paper may differ from the final value-added article that will appear in an issue of the Journal. We recommend that you refer to the final version.

Please note that in some cases authors may request that their paper is not made available through the Immediate Publications feature.

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For definitions of journal article versions, see the Recommended Practice of the National Information Standards Organization in Partnership with the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers.

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